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Russian Visa Invitations
Visa Requirements for Russia

If you do not have a Russian passport and want to visit Russia, then you will need a Russian travel visa. To obtain a Russian visa you must first get a Russian visa invitation. There are numerous legitimate companies specialising in getting Russian visa invitations, although technically any Russian registered company can apply to the relevant Russian authority for a visa invitation.

Tip:Websites that have online application forms for Russian visa invitations, asking for sensitive information, should be located on secure webpages. Secure internet pages start with "https://"

There are various types of Russian visas and each has a different processing time before an invitation can be issued. The standard Single Entry Tourist Visa Invitation, for example, can be processed and issued almost immediately while the multi-entry Russian Business Visa Invitation can take up to 5 weeks.

An example of a stamped, blank Russian Visa Invitation, often called a Russian Visa Invitation Letter, is shown. Depending upon the Russian embassy in your country and the type of visa invitation you have, they might request the original, or a faxed copy of it.

Many companies specialise in Russian visa invitations and will happily guide you through the process of getting one.

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