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Travel Proverbs

A selection of travel proverbs, travel sayings, travel anecdotes and travel quotes - that may provide some inspiration thought for the exciting unknown journey ahead

Let the happiness you seek be in the here and now, it is no use chasing after memories.
If you can admit your unhappiness to those you meet, most will go out of their way to help you find happiness. Do not allow your pride to make you isolated.
If you are off in search of happiness is your journey really necessary?
Travel is the frivolous part of a serious life and the serious part of a frivolous one
Try to get on the right track and avoid getting run over!
One step at a time. And so the most arduous journey is completed
Let nothing deter you from your happiness - see your path clearly
The careful foot can walk anywhere
A traveller without observation is a bird without wings
It's not the finishing point, but the act of travelling which is important
Climb to the top of the boulder that blocks your way, and enjoy the view from a different perspective
He that travels far knows much
Travel broadens the mind, and raises the spirits
Travel light - preconception and prejudice are unnecessary luggage
The most difficult step of any journey is the first
Somewhere on your journey don't forget to turn around and enjoy the view
A hopeful heart and an open mind are the best travelling companions
Allow yourself to seek out rich and satisfying experiences
He who runs fastest doesn't always arrive first
Don't be so intent upon your own journey that you forget to stop and help others along the way
The happiest asks directions, even though he knows the way
Along the way there will be thorns. But if you look above them you will discover roses
The further your journey takes you, the more dangers you will encounter. The more you dare, the more you win.
Love to travel, but do not make the road your home
The best journeys are not always in straight lines
The path must be visited regularly for unused paths soon become choked up with weeds
Travel teaches how to see
Paradise is where you are, paradise lost is where you are not
There are as many paths as there are travellers
Journey through your day with efficiency, hope and a sense of humour
Don't rely on others to show you the way, carry your own map
Turn the obstacles on your path into stepping stones
If we could have everything that lay along our path in advance, we might never set out on our journey
Walk too fast or be too impatient and you will miss much
You can travel all over the world, but unless you have a receptive mind you might as well save your fares and stay at home.
Life is a journey where the destination is unknown
Sometimes the most exciting journey you can make is through your own imagination
If you lose your way it is better to ask and feel a fool for five minutes than not ask and remain a fool for the rest of your life.
You can collect the nuts that have been provided along the way, but you must crack them yourself.
Seek out all the places where you can be happy - in the city we pine for the country and in the country we long for the city
Just because you take to the sea and cross the world, it doesn't guarantee that you will come by treasure
You might not be able to change the world itself on your own, but you can play an important part in changing how we treat it
Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not
People don't seem to notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy
He who arrives late is almost always happier than he who has been waiting for him
All the wonders of the world are within us yet we remain determined to seek them without
Sometimes the road becomes blocked by those who, not realising that it is there to be crossed, insist upon building their houses on it
Every time you get frustrated and feel that you're not going anywhere, consider this globe called earth that we are all riding on
One must expect to smile and also to weep on the road to happiness
Happiness is along the path to your own reality, not someone else's
You can trudge wearily along the well-worn path, or become gloriously lost in the woods that lie either side.
Part of the path is made up of the mistakes of our lives. This route leads to destiny.
Try to recognise your happiness when you arrive at it - don't be like the traveller who doesn't see the valley he is in, only the mountains that surround it.
The path of error can become the path of truth, if only error is recognised.
A tree trunk the size of a man grows from a blade as thin as a hair. A tower nine stories high is built from a small heap of earth. A journey a thousand miles starts in front of your feet.