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Travel Insurance for Russia

It's a healthy travel option to get adequate travel medical insurance and travel insurance cover when travelling to Europe and the Eastern block countries, even more so if the destination happens to be Russia!

Check Your Insurance

Before committing yourself to any travel medical insurance it is worth checking the conditions of the insurance coverage to make sure that it is appropriate travel insurance for Russia, such things to pay attention to include:

  • The area of the travel medical insurance should include Russia or other former USSR territory.
  • The travel insurance plan should include medical expenses to meet hospital treatment and medical evacuation to the home country
  • Payment method for any medical services, whether direct settlement of the invoices or self-pay and claim back procedure is applied.

The larger medical centers in Russia have billing arrangements with various international travel insurance companies. These arrangements allow them to deal directly with travel insurance companies so medical bills and claims can be settled on your behalf.

Travel insurance policies vary and so do their prices, it's always worth getting travel insurance cover quotes from different companies before deciding or renewing. Many travel medical insurance companies offer instant online insurance quotations.