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Tinkoff (Tinkov) Beer

Tinkoff Tinkov

Tinkoff beer first appeared on the Russian market in 1998 - it was supposedly based on an old family recipe dating back to Peter I.

The Tinkoff (Tinkov) brewery, based in St. Petersburg, was wholly owned by founder and entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov before being acquired in July 2005 by InBev – the owner of Russia’s second largest brewer Sun Interbrew.

Tinkoff's market share in Russia was 2% - its beer was the first Russian beer to enter the US market.

A selection of Tinkoff products - with their marketing description:-
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Tinkoff bottle of beer

Strength: 5.3 % abv
Gravity: 13 %

Brewed by the factory-restaurant Tinkoff, filtered by special cold filteration without using pasteurisation and preservatives.

Russian beer
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