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Russian Souvenirs and Russian Gifts
from Saint Petersburg

Russian souvenirs and Russian gifts are sold throughout the city - from market stalls to large department stores, hotels also stock their share of goods but at ridiculously inflated prices.

The most common souvenirs from Russia, Russian nesting dolls (Russian dolls are called Matryoshka in Russia), are widely available in a host of designs and numbers, some nest up to 19 wooden dolls. The quality varies dramatically from top class professional hand-painted dolls to those that have obviously been crafted by a monkey!

Russian fur hats...
also available in pink
(Russian doll not included!)

If Russian wooden nesting dolls don't interest you then there are plenty of other Russian gift and souvenir options to choose from, such as the classic Russian fur hat (Russian fur hats are called ushanka in Russia) to Soviet-era bits and pieces.

Every popular tourist attraction in St. Petersburg has its own community of market stalls selling a range of souvenirs and gifts, often open for negotiation and willingly accepting the Euro and US dollar.

Shops and department stores in St. Petersburg selling a broader range of Russian souvenirs and Russian gifts are also worth visiting as not all have the expected inflated prices - some are even cheaper than the market stalls!

Russian Souvenir facts and history:
Russian nesting dolls

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