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Port of Saint Petersburg
and Cruise Liners

Saint Petersburg is the marine capital of Russia. The port of Saint Petersburg is the European gateway of the country, and provides passage for cruise liners to the heart of St. Petersburg.

Cruise liners to Saint Petersburg have 4 main port terminals:
Anglyiskaya Naberezhnaya (English Embankment)
Anglyiskaya Naberezhnaya
(English Embankment)
Anglyiskaya Naberezhnaya (English Embankment)
Naberezhnaya Leiutenanta Schmidta
(Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment)
Morskoiy Kanal (Sea Canal)
Morskoiy Kanal
(Sea Canal)
Morskoiy Vokzal (Sea Terminal)
Morskoiy Vokzal
(Sea Terminal)

The port terminal for cruises to St. Petersburg Russia depends upon the cruise liner company and the size of their ship or boat.

Two of the reception ports (Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment & English Embankment) happen to be opposite to each other, and are right in the middle of St. Petersburg. Both passenger port terminal offer spectacular views of the city from the ship’s top decks, and the advantage of being within walking distant of the centre.

The other Saint Petersburg port terminals or disembarking stations are isolated on the perimeter of the city and make the journey to and from Saint Petersburg centre more cumbersome.

Saint Petersburg
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