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Russians are creatures of habit when it comes to a night out drinking. Unlike the British, who migrate from bar to bar during a drink only session, the Russians like to set up camp in a bar and will also eat, often staying to the bitter end. This is probably the reason why the bars in Saint Petersburg general dedicate the majority of their floor space to a seated area and have an extensive bar food menu.

However, recent years have seen the introduction of typical English style pubs, with long bars accompanied by bar stools and areas to stand. This style pub with dark wooden interiors appear to be well received in Saint Petersburg and look to establish themselves as the new Russian style drinking den.

During summer months the outside bar scene in St. Petersburg blossoms and beer tents sprout overnight. Virtually every bar that can squeeze a few chairs and tables in the street generally will.

Russians work hard and play hard. The working day for a typical Russian may start at 9 in the morning and finish around 9 or 10 in the evening. This is why bars in Saint Petersburg don’t really seem to gather pace until late evening, moreover the reason why bars stay open until early morning.

The other noticeable thing upon entering a pub or bar in St. Petersburg is the unusually high amount of Russian girls and groups of women drinking and enjoying themselves there. Read more about Girls in St. Petersburg.

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