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Postage, Mail Service
in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Blue and yellow sign for a Russian Post Office

There are numerous sub post offices throughout the city, identified by a blue and yellow sign. In addition to stamps many sell a small range of postcards and occasion cards.

Letters can be posted in any of the blue post boxes found on various street buildings. The international postal rate for postcards is 10 RUR while standard letters are 14 RUR.

The Russian postal system is not the most efficient and delivery times for mail can be anything from 5 days to 5 months depending upon the country.

NoteEnsure postal stamps do not have USSR on them, and are dated after 1998 otherwise your post will not go anywhere.

A typical Russian postal address convention is shown below, although the order can vary: -

Nevsky Prospect, 6 - 7 [block number]-[apartment number]
St. Petersburg
191014 [zip / postal code]

If posting mail to Russia there is no need to translate it into Russian.

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