Providing crucial street wise information about St. Petersburg Russia
Taxi mini-vans (marshrootkas)

These vans provide a popular form of transport and as such their route starting points (generally near metro stations) attract many people, causing queues (lines) to develop quickly.

Mini-vans generally have a seating capacity for around 10 to 12 people, they operate on set routes but have the advantage of working a stop request scheme - rather than stopping at designated stops you may shout your request to the driver.

Apart from displaying their route number in the front or side window, mini-vans are easily identifiable as many also run colourful advertisement along the length of the vehicle.

To jump on one simply catch the attention of the vans driver from the side of the street by waving. If it's full the driver usually waves back to indicate the fact, otherwise it will stop.

Mini-vans are numbered and run the routes as specified on a sign in their window situated next to the sliding entry door.

Prices do vary but start from around 50 roubles. The fare is payable either on entry or on exit, you do not know the method until you read a posted sign inside (in Russian only) - eitherway, first grab a seat. If you happen to be sitting at the back and it's a pay on entry scheme simply pass your money onto the person sitting in front of you, don't worry if you can't speak Russian they will understand your intentions, any change will be duly passed back to you.