Providing crucial street wise information about St. Petersburg Russia
Ice and Stucco

Ice and crumbling stucco falling from apartment buildings can ruin your whole day.

Icicles and Ice Blocks

Albeit seasonal, this is a major hazard that annually fatally injures people and causes a lot of damage to many vehicles.

Icicles...just waiting

With buildings several storeys high and narrow pavements (boardwalks), icicles have little choice but to descend on to unsuspecting pedestrians below.

Ice blocks also slip from rooftops on to whatever is in close proximity. This is a serious winter problem that the city authorities are struggling to cope with.

There are attempts to warn people of the perils above and efforts to clear rooftops, but these are often addressed after an incident has happened.

Stucco longer stuck!

The state of disrepair of many buildings in St. Petersburg is quite shameful, but more importantly – potentially dangerous. The majority of buildings in St. Petersburg have their facade decorated in a form of plaster – stucco.

Unfortunately St. Petersburg's stucco is crumbling away, and the only way is down! Occasionally a lump breaks away from the building and hits whatever or whoever is below.