Providing crucial street wise information about St. Petersburg Russia

The activity of hitchhiking is generally found on a list of things of what NOT to do. However, in Russia this is a common and sometimes indispensable method of getting around.

There are drivers who aimlessly steer around the city with the specific agenda of picking up hitchhikers. It provides a tax-free income for them and a handy alternative for the passenger, especially in winter if it avoids standing around in -28°C (-18°F) waiting for a tram!

Step 1 - The pose

Simply stand on the side of the road and start beckoning passing cars with a slight up and down movement of the hand (from the wrist) at waist level, it won't be long before one stops. It used to be only Ladas or Volgas (types of Russian made "car") that stopped, but now it's worth trying any vehicle that passes.

Step 2 - The destination

State your required destination (or point to it on a map), occasionally a particular destination may prove inconvenient and the driver will apologise and zoom off.

Step 3 - The price

Negotiate a price (show how much you a prepared to pay). Depending upon the distance, your bargaining skills and the driver, this may range from 50 to 400 roubles for a trip within the city centre.

Step 4 - The payment

Pay roubles cash (or what ever you have negotiated) upon reaching the destination.


Use your discretion. Obviously the driver is a complete stranger so there is a risk factor. Do not get into a car if another person besides the driver is in it.