Providing crucial street wise information about St. Petersburg Russia
Gypsies in St. Petersburg

Groups of annoying aggressive gypsy children and women may surround you in certain city parks and streets supposedly begging - in fact they are simply thieving gypsy (feel free to complete the sentence!) b _ _ _ _ _ _s!

Gypsies are persistent and devious and will tug at bags and any loose items - do not give them anything, watch your pockets and belongings, and act firm while keeping your composure.

Russian police women in uniform

The seemingly lonesome beggar should be treated in the same way - giving anybody money is giving away the whereabouts of your money. Location information is usually passed to a professional pickpocket who will swoop with accuracy.

Russian youths have also adopted a similar but more subtle method using blocking and distraction. A team member will seemingly block an exit or entrance to a bus or building and others will push and shove past relieving pockets while doing so.

Partners in crime

These gypsies certainly standout from the crowd, and yet they continue to hound tourists and locals alike, so why don't the Russian police round them up and detain them?

Ask yourself this: With who do you think the gypsies share their bounty? Enough said!