Russian girls
Providing crucial street wise information about St. Petersburg Russia
Girls in St. Petersburg Russia

Girls and women in St. Petersburg Russia are in abundance, not only are they slender and beautiful they are great fun and intellectual.

St. Petersburg Loves Females

It is simply rude and disrespectful not to discuss the ladies and girls of St. Petersburg Russia, particularly as women form the majority of St. Petersburg's population.

St. Petersburg is a major Russian University City and it attracts many young girls throughout Russia. In addition to a strong community of Russian students, there are many foreign female students, where there are students, there are parties, and Russian girls certainly know how to party!

If you live with the old perception that the typical Russian girl is a big-busted butch looking shot putter with hairy armpits - then think again! They are the most eye-catching and intelligent women you're ever likely to encounter.

Furthermore, there are many opportunities to meet girls in any of the numerous bars, clubs and restaurants liberally scattered throughout St. Petersburg, with some locations being better than others, depending upon the day of the week.

Russian Girls' Names

There are various Russian names for girls that are especially common. This is highly convenient if you're forgetful, but occasionally proves confusing and potentially damaging depending upon how many you meet.

10 popular Russian girl names (with their formal diminutive) include:
  • Olga or Olya
  • Irina or Ira (pronounced Ear-rah)
  • Anastasia or Nastya
  • Marina or Marisha
  • Anna or Anya
  • Natalia or Natasha
  • Svetlana or Sveta
  • Tatyana or Tanya
  • Yelena or Lena (pronounced Lee-anna)
  • Maria or Masha
Women in Saint Petersburg Russia

Not everyone is seeking a young 20 year-old Russian girl (strange…but true!) – numerous men are looking for that slightly older, perhaps responsible, female companion.

Once again St. Petersburg will not disappoint – the mature Russian ladies know that they have stiff competition from younger models and will make exceptional efforts to ensure that they too are noticed.

Their dress sense may go slightly astray but what is underneath is something to be admired. With numerous beauty parlours and many fitness studios these mature Saint Petersburg women from Russia just go for it.

Extra help

A knowledge of some Russian superstitions, customs and special days will get you far! - here are some things that may help you in your quest to make an impression on a Russian girl…

  • March 8 is a very big day for Russian women. This is known as International Women's Day and is a national holiday where women are given flowers and gifts.
  • If you are giving flowers to a Russian girl, always ensure there is an odd number of blooms, even numbers are used for funerals and is a sign of bad luck.
  • Engagement and Wedding rings are worn on the right hand, there is no traditional ring stone.

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