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Bootlegged (Illicit)
Media in Russia

Outlets selling bootlegged (illicit) CD's, DVD's and games, that were once littered around the city with bright shops and well organised street kiosks in prime locations, have been hiding away in recent years.

Although completely illegal throughout the majority of the world, Russia's slack copyright protection allows such things to freely exist. While in no way promoting the practice, the merchandise is known to be high in quality and in great demand.

DVD's (Digital Video Discs)
Some DVD's purchased in Russia may not necessarily play on machines in the US or Europe, this is because the media can be regionally encoded.

The regions are numbered and usually found on the back cover of a DVD case.

All regions
USA, Canada
Europe, Middle East, Japan, South Africa
South Korea, Taiwan, HK, ASEAN
Australia, NZ, Latin America
Ex-Soviets, Indian sub-continent
International territory (airplanes, cruise ships, etc...)

Tip:Even though a DVD cover may indicate a particular language it may not necessarily be true – ask for it to be played.

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