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Baltika Beer

Beer from Baltika Brewery has become synonymous with Russian beer and is a national pride of Russia - it is one of Russia's best selling, and is available in almost every Russian city. Baltika Breweries is the largest brewing company in the Russian Federation and the Baltika brand itself accounts for over 40% of the Russian market.

Baltika Breweries History

Since its establishment in 1990, the Baltika Brewery state enterprise quickly became part of an open joint venture company Baltic Beverages Holdings (BBH). This was formed in 1992 by Scandinavian companies Orkla from Norway, and Hartwall of Finland. "Baltika" the brand was born, and Baltika Brewery was the first brewery in Russia to be equipped with modern European brewing technologies.

In 1998 the brewery reorganised its business model and subsequently renamed itself from Baltika Brewery to Baltika Breweries.

Control shifted in 2003, and BBH was a 50:50 owned joint venture between Carlsberg A/S and Scottish & Newcastle plc.. Baltika Breweries controlling hand was changed again 5 years later, since the start of 2008 Carlsberg became the sole owner.

In 2006 Baltika Breweries merged with 3 other Russian breweries, Vena, Pikra and Yarpivo.

Baltika owns 19 breweries: 4 in the Baltic countries, 3 in Ukraine, 1 in Kazakhstan and the remaining 11 are based in Russia:

  • Two in St. Petersburg: one being the largest of their kind in Europe, and Baltika's headquarters.
  • Rostov-on-Don, Tula, Samara, Khabarovsk, Yaroslvl, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk

In addition to its breweries, Baltika also owns two massive malt-houses, one in St. Petersburg, the other in Tula.

Baltika is the official beer supplier for the Russian Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014

Baltika around the world

Baltika started exporting its beer in 1999; it now exports its products to more than 75 countries including all CIS and Baltic countries, with limited distribution in Europe; including countries such as Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, France and Switzerland. Mongolia, Israel, USA, New Zealand and Australia also get some degree of supply.

Beer from Baltika

Baltika Breweries has more than 30 brands of beer and 11 non-beer brands in its portfolio.

A selection of Baltika products - with their marketing description:

Baltika 0 (Non-Alcoholic)
Baltika 0 beer label
Strength: < 0.5% abv Gravity: 12% Baltika 0 Non-Alcoholic is the ideal choice for beer lovers in various situations in life. According to the best traditions of brewing it contains only malt, water and hops. This beer is brewed for you.
Baltika 1 (Light)
Baltika 1 beer label
Strength: 4.4% abv Gravity: 11% Baltika Light brewed from selected malt. This beer is distinguished by its light colour and pleasant malt and hops taste. This beer is brewed for you. Baltika 1 is no longer available.
Baltika 2 (Pale)
Baltika 2 beer label
Strength: 4.7% abv Gravity: 10.5% Light beer lovers appreciate the pure light taste and remarkable freshness of the Baltika 2 Pale beer. The unique combination of elite hops gives this variety some nice bitterness.
Baltika 3 (Classic)
Baltika 3 beer label
Strength: 4.8% abv Gravity: 12% Baltika Classic is a Russian beer with a wonderful taste of malt and the aroma of hops. Its popularity among beer lovers is justifiable. This beer is brewed for you.
Baltika 4 (Original Dark)
Baltika 4 beer label
Strength: 5.2% abv Gravity: 15% Baltika Original Dark beer has a harmonical bread flavour of a caramel mould. This beer is brewed for you.
Baltika 5 (Gold)
Baltika 5 beer label
Strength: 5.3% abv Gravity: 12% Baltika 5 is no longer availables
Baltika 6 (Porter)
Baltika 6 beer label
Strength: 7.0% abv Gravity: 17% Baltika Porter is brewed to the traditional recipe from the high quality caramel malt. Beer with the taste for true connoisseurs. This porter beer from Russia is brewed for you.
Baltika 7 (Export)
Baltika 7 beer label
Strength: 5.4% abv Gravity: 12% Baltika 7 Export is distinguished by its pleasant malt taste. It is an elite type meeting the highest requirements for genuine beer lovers. This beer is brewed for you
Baltika 8 (Wheat)
Baltika 8 beer label
Strength: 5.0% abv Gravity: 12.5% Baltika Wheat - Unfiltered Russian beer. Contains special yeast, which gives beer a non-transparency and creates a rich taste. This beer is brewed for you.
Baltika 9 (Strong)
Baltika 9 beer label
Strength: 8.0% abv Gravity: 16% Baltika Strong light beer brewed from selected ingredients according to the newest technology, its a unique combination of the strength of the beverage and the lightness of drinking. This beer is brewed for you
Baltika 10 (Jubilee)
Baltika 10 beer label
Strength: 5.2% abv Gravity: 13% Baltika Jubilee is a special Russian beer, it is brewed from selected malt for the anniversary of the brewing company. Elite quality of beer is rended by its unforgettable taste and original recipe. No longer available.
Baltika Parnassus
Baltika Parnassus
Strength: 5.6% abv Gravity: 13% Baltika Parnassus is no longer available